About Me

I have traveled many places and been many different me. I have been a scientist, a swimmer, a business consultant, always a photographer, sometimes a philosopher, striving to make the most of my creative instinct.

I am overall a curious and creative person. I am interested in how images can represent inner and outer realities, how images can be used to show how we see the world and what the world makes us feel. I am interested in ideas, stories and life. I need to know, to explore, to think.

I’ve made my life’s goal to find creativity, fulfillment, freedom and purpose as much as possible in everything I do.

For information please contact me at

phone: +46 761153018


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  • Ciao Gabriele,

    Sono Rodrigo Garavini, giornalista brasialiano con citadinanza italiana. Ho visto suo sito e sono veramente impressionato com il suo lavoro. Miei cumplimenti. É sempre buono sapere che abbiamo Garavini competenti ovunque!!!!

    Sincero saluto!!!

  • Hello Gabriele,
    Found your website through the Sest website. I make sounds and smiles as I look through your photos. I am of diverse expressions as well and have been toying with ideas around photography. I have always expressed this way along side my other creative endeavors yet now it feels more of a focus. I recently arrived in Stockholm, Oct 10, and plan to stay a long while. I would very much enjoy an encounter with you. Creatively or otherwise. I am a willing model or tea drinker for conversation. Would like the opportunity to ask you many questions and compliment you on many things. My number here is 0762186008 or email is fine also.
    Thank you for your expression and willingness to share it.

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